Some more earrings  

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm in earrings frenzy! They're relatively easy and fast to make and you can ask anyone who is a taurus -we all like instant gratification!! LOL!
So here are a few more earrings I made today.

The first one has a dark green bead with shades in it that the camera didn't manage to capture, and a small plastic bead. All wire is sterling silver.

The second pair is turquoise with sterling. To make the earrings I used the idea from one of Metallique's books. One earring shows the front and one the back. This pair will go to a friend on a jewelry forum, as thanks for a reading she gave me a few weeks back. Yes, I know, usually making jewelry and spiritual subjects just don't match well together...or do they? I guess they do, my blog is a RL example of it.
Now I just hope she won't check out my blog before she gets the earrings, lol.

The last pair is all purple glass beads (very cute from one of my previous trips in Czech Republic) and little bone beads. Again, all wire is silver.
I love working with silver wire!

Today is my name day (the day of the Virgin Mary), and hubby was thinking hard what to buy me as gift. He went to a jewelry shop to a friend of his thinking to buy me something, but then he gave up, as he said I won't wear them anyway, and besides now I make my own 'semiprecious' jewelry, LOL!. So he just gave me money instead (which I will put aside for helping me purchase a new computer towards end of the year).
In Cyprus people celebrate namedays even more so than birthdays. For Mary's day (Aug. 15), we even have a public holiday. If you want to know more about namedays, here is a good wiki about it.

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