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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It seems that I am going in circles - at times I am very engaged in making jewelry, at other times I only think of reading a good book. But pretty much all the time I am preocupied with something else - spirituality.
Although I have many hobbies, these three seem to go round and round in circles, and they are those that I never really get tired of.

Ever since I stumbled across astrology a few years ago, when I learned to interpret my natal chart, and learned something new about myself in the process, I discovered a completely new side to life, which I was not aware of at all previously. I am by no means a religious person, actually all my life I was an atheist (that comes with having previously lived in an (ex)communist country, I guess). However I started discovering new depths to life which intrigued me, and made me want to know more about them.

Thus started my journey in discovering myself, my spiritual path.
I learned to be open minded about subjects such as reincarnation, the survival of soul when the body dies, and I started learning how to see auras, how to meditate, learned about astral travels and OBE, and generally let new things enter my life without preconception and judgement.
Also learned (or I am learning) to let go of what is old in my life and doesn't resonate with what I feel currently anymore. This means physical clutter, mistakes, people and old notions. It is not easy, but definitely necessary. And unavoidable.

While browsing the net for spiritual subjects, I met some wonderful people along the way, on different forums and user groups. One of them is the Mystic Familiar forum, where there are a lot of people on the same spiritual journey as I am.

But more on this later.

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