10% discount for Twitter followers  

Sunday, May 17, 2009

If you are one of my Twitter followers, as a thank you, you get a 10% discount from my jewelry at Dawanda. All you need to do is enter 'Twitter - your username' in the check-out message to me. (your username is your Twitter username).
Of course, FREE shipping all over the world also applies.

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Finally caught up with Twitter  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have setup a Twitter page ages ago but haven't really bothered with it so far - I must have been one of the many who just couldn't get the hang of it. Recently though, I've decided to catch up with everyone else, and give it another go. And whadya think, I actually enjoy twitting. It's really a nice and quick way to keep in touch with friends, and just update the 'followers' with what you've been up to since the last twit.

As you know, one of my side 'hobbies' is internet marketing, and as a specialty, I focus on setting up blogs and selling them at webmaster forums. I was looking for some great headers for the blogs, as content is not everything, the blog also needs to look the part, and I found FionasDesigns (Virginia) who is really good at making headers, ebook covers, etc. Being happy with her, I've sent her way more and more work. And to my surprise she sent me this weekend as a thank you gift my new Twitter background. I didn't even realize she is also doing Twitter backgrounds, but I guess she's a multi-talented lady!

So just to boast a bit, I'm a proud owner of my new Twitter design, made by FionasDesigns. What do you think of it, please let me know in your comments!

If you want a header, or a Twitter design, send her a message, she's incredibly fast to reply!
Now if only Twitter allowed a generic (or dynamic) design size, which doesn't have to look different depending on your monitor resolution!

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