Jewelry I sold recently  

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I did promise that I will not make any more jewelry until I sell at least a large part of the my previous creations. The last 2 years I've been on a race to make jewelry without to stop, and not only I burned out a bit, but I also ended up with a serious amount of silver jewelry. So far so good, I've only made a few pairs of earrings on commission, so I've been a good girl. My fingers are itching to work again, but not just yet.

In the meantime, Dawanda seems to be keeping me busy as I've started selling there more, even without any additional advertising. People seem to just somehow find my jewelry, which is great! Thank you everybody for that!

I've been asked what all I've sold this year, so here are a few pictures of jewelry sold through Dawanda and my blog (no direct and custom orders shown here). Hope you like them.

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Got myself a new car  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm so excited, I just picked up my new car from the dealership this afternoon. It's a small Ford Fiesta, 2008 model, and I love it! It fits me like a glove. I don't like big cars (at least to drive anyway), so this is just perfect for me. And what more, this is the first car that I buy as NEW. All my previous cars - although some very good - were used cars. However, in keeping with the tradition of buying a European car (instead of the very common Japanese ones that are all over the place in Cyprus), I bought the Fiesta.

I know I shouldn't be excited about material things with all thing spiritual going around me, but I just can't help it, love this little car and I'm all exited about it :)

Easter in Cyprus is this weekend (Orthodox Easter) so I'll have a few days to enjoy my new car and take it for a drive before I go back to work next week Wednesday.

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Selling off some of my Russian beading books at Ebay  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I bought a bunch of Russian beading books in 2007, books that I never used, since I'm working wire wrapping at the moment. No idea why I bought them, so don't ask me! From the time I was doing beadwork, Russian beading books had a hold over me. They're just so different from what we have around here or in the US, and they're all full packed with clear diagrams (I wish ours were like that!). I don't speak Russian at all, but I never had troubles following directions from these types of books. I have in my personal collection the big White Russian Book, you know the famous one that I guess everyone has who is into beading, and it's one book that I used ad nausea to make my beading necklaces and bracelets.

The books I'm selling are all new, hardly flipped through them once. I've listed them at Ebay, so if you're interested, you can get them here.

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