Best 4 free herringbone weave tutorials for wire wrapping  

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How did this post come about?
I'm working on a simple herringbone weave bracelet for a colleague at work, who placed the order for sending it to her mom as a gift. So this weekend I'm working on my very first piece in 2009. I will post a picture of it as soon as it's ready and my camera is charged.

So in honour of my first piece, which is based on the herringbone technique, I went searching online for the best 5 free herringbone tutorials for wire wrapping. I got loads of question on how to make herringbone pieces whenever I showed some of my jewelry based on this technique on jewelry forums, and I know that this post will fill that void, since each of these tutorials is FREE, and one can learn to make a nice piece of jewelry based on it. Well, I found only 4 free tutorials on the net in the end, not 5, everything else was for a fee, but these 4 more than make up for the missing 5th :)

So here we go.
  1. Hands down, the best tutorial is Eni's Herringbone weave, this one is a classic already :)
  2. Irulan's herringbone tutorial takes place 3. Nice and clear pictures, easy to understand.
  3. Adelin's herringbone weave is a nice new tutorial, put up late last year - interesting weaving of a bead which usually doesn't lend itself to herringbone.
  4. Alternative herringbone tutorial by Heidi K. It is ingenious in its simplicity and you don't even really have to learn herringbone. Perfect for wrapping round beads and making a small cute pair of earrings. Gotta try this one out. If you have a free herringbone tutorial that you'd like to share, just leave a comment with a link to your tutorial, and I will add it to the list (rearranging the list if needed, depending on the tutorial quality).

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