Privacy Policy on Blogger Blogs  

Monday, September 21, 2009

If you have Adsense on your blog (like I have right at the top of this blog), you need to have a Privacy Policy in place. Google is getting tough on people who display Adsense ads and they have no privacy policy. In some cases, accounts have been banned. At first I didn't even realise we need to have it in place until I read a few horror stories about it.

I know that for us, hobbyists and jewelers, Adsense is there, but we don't even remember it at times, we certainly don't really make money from our Adsense, but what the heck, it's up there, so why not. But if you've earned even one cent from Adsense, Google won't care a bit about the fact that we are not real Adsense earners, we get banned. So if you have ads on your Blogspot blog, add a privacy policy and make it visible on your blog. This is how you do it:

  1. Create a new blog post and while writing your post, click on Post options.
  2. Now change the date of your post to a few months older, so it goes off from your first page
  3. Publish your post
  4. Find your post and copy the hyperlink to your clipboard
  5. Edit your Sidebar widget (or top widget the way I have it), up to you, and add it as a new link. Name it Privacy Policy
  6. Save your widget
That's it really. Let it not be on a small thing that you lose your Adsense account, when all it takes is 2 minutes of your time to fix it.

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Purple Tulip, aka started wire wrapping again - SOLD  

Sunday, June 7, 2009

After a few months of abstinence from wire wrapping, here my next piece. My fingers were itching to do something, so I came up with this pendant. It's really beautiful, I couldn't capture it with the camera properly. I guess it's time to get myself a new camera as well...

Gorgeous amethyst briolette hanging from a sterling silver pendant. Size is ~ 3.5x3.5cm (~1.5 inch). Comes with the silver chain in the picture, and of course, free shipping all around.

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10% discount for Twitter followers  

Sunday, May 17, 2009

If you are one of my Twitter followers, as a thank you, you get a 10% discount from my jewelry at Dawanda. All you need to do is enter 'Twitter - your username' in the check-out message to me. (your username is your Twitter username).
Of course, FREE shipping all over the world also applies.

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Finally caught up with Twitter  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have setup a Twitter page ages ago but haven't really bothered with it so far - I must have been one of the many who just couldn't get the hang of it. Recently though, I've decided to catch up with everyone else, and give it another go. And whadya think, I actually enjoy twitting. It's really a nice and quick way to keep in touch with friends, and just update the 'followers' with what you've been up to since the last twit.

As you know, one of my side 'hobbies' is internet marketing, and as a specialty, I focus on setting up blogs and selling them at webmaster forums. I was looking for some great headers for the blogs, as content is not everything, the blog also needs to look the part, and I found FionasDesigns (Virginia) who is really good at making headers, ebook covers, etc. Being happy with her, I've sent her way more and more work. And to my surprise she sent me this weekend as a thank you gift my new Twitter background. I didn't even realize she is also doing Twitter backgrounds, but I guess she's a multi-talented lady!

So just to boast a bit, I'm a proud owner of my new Twitter design, made by FionasDesigns. What do you think of it, please let me know in your comments!

If you want a header, or a Twitter design, send her a message, she's incredibly fast to reply!
Now if only Twitter allowed a generic (or dynamic) design size, which doesn't have to look different depending on your monitor resolution!

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Jewelry I sold recently  

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I did promise that I will not make any more jewelry until I sell at least a large part of the my previous creations. The last 2 years I've been on a race to make jewelry without to stop, and not only I burned out a bit, but I also ended up with a serious amount of silver jewelry. So far so good, I've only made a few pairs of earrings on commission, so I've been a good girl. My fingers are itching to work again, but not just yet.

In the meantime, Dawanda seems to be keeping me busy as I've started selling there more, even without any additional advertising. People seem to just somehow find my jewelry, which is great! Thank you everybody for that!

I've been asked what all I've sold this year, so here are a few pictures of jewelry sold through Dawanda and my blog (no direct and custom orders shown here). Hope you like them.

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Got myself a new car  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm so excited, I just picked up my new car from the dealership this afternoon. It's a small Ford Fiesta, 2008 model, and I love it! It fits me like a glove. I don't like big cars (at least to drive anyway), so this is just perfect for me. And what more, this is the first car that I buy as NEW. All my previous cars - although some very good - were used cars. However, in keeping with the tradition of buying a European car (instead of the very common Japanese ones that are all over the place in Cyprus), I bought the Fiesta.

I know I shouldn't be excited about material things with all thing spiritual going around me, but I just can't help it, love this little car and I'm all exited about it :)

Easter in Cyprus is this weekend (Orthodox Easter) so I'll have a few days to enjoy my new car and take it for a drive before I go back to work next week Wednesday.

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Selling off some of my Russian beading books at Ebay  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I bought a bunch of Russian beading books in 2007, books that I never used, since I'm working wire wrapping at the moment. No idea why I bought them, so don't ask me! From the time I was doing beadwork, Russian beading books had a hold over me. They're just so different from what we have around here or in the US, and they're all full packed with clear diagrams (I wish ours were like that!). I don't speak Russian at all, but I never had troubles following directions from these types of books. I have in my personal collection the big White Russian Book, you know the famous one that I guess everyone has who is into beading, and it's one book that I used ad nausea to make my beading necklaces and bracelets.

The books I'm selling are all new, hardly flipped through them once. I've listed them at Ebay, so if you're interested, you can get them here.

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Is recession really affecting the sales of jewelry?  

Friday, February 27, 2009

I've just been musing...back in December I ran a 10% off offer on all my jewelry on my blog and Dawanda shop. I had really hardly any sales, whereby I truly wanted to help people save some money by buying it cheaper.

Interestingly enough, sales started to pick up soon after the prices went up to normal. And what's more interesting, the mid-higher end pieces are going better than the cheaper ones. For example, I've just sold today this Queen's necklace, one of my chainmail pieces, which seems to go nowadays much easier than the Euro 15-18 earrings. I know people like my jewelry, they are buying them, I mean look at the feedback that I'm getting, so it's definitely not that.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to offer cheaper - yet still quality - jewelry so more people can afford it, but it seems that things are turned upside-down. I guess it shows that no woman can say 'no' to a beautiful piece of jewelry, or something to pamper oneself with, and recession has no saying in that at all! Speaking of which, I just got hubby to buy me Dior's J'adore *gulp*. Don't I have a sweet hubby? And boy that perfume smells like heaven...

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Bit of personal boasting  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I guess artistry runs in the family. While I am good at creating handmade silver jewelry, my brother's passion is playing classical guitar.
I got this very short video of him playing classical guitar in a known Berlin cafehaus. I really love the relaxed atmosphere of that place. Nothing like the coffeeshops here in Cyprus.

So may I present, my brother :)

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My jewelry at Dawanda  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well after some discussions with friends and some deep thinking, I've decided to keep my jewelry at Dawanda. Any new jewelry I make, I will post directly on my blog, however while existing stock lasts, I leave them at Dawanda. Once I sold out, I will close shop. This will give me the time to open the shop under my own domain, which will feature only jewelry created in 2009.

Now that I came to the decision, I feel relieved :) Sometimes it's not which decision you take, but you take a decision is the important part.

On another note, I've been asked what type of jewelry was my best seller in 2008. On the quick, I'd say herringbone jewelry and border wrapped cabs. But I will check my stats from the database and post back here the results, with some pictures of what has sold.
It's funny because I thought that chainmail jewelry would be the best seller, and border wrapping is a thing of the past. I guess the truth proved me wrong :)

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Dawanda is finally introducing listing and sold items fees  

Monday, February 9, 2009

I've just received today a pre-invoice from Dawanda. This is two fold:
1. We are to pay for all sold items starting from June 08 a 5% fee
3. Dawanda is introducing new listing fees (it was free until now), which is depending on the price of the item.

This is the new scheme for the listing fees (separately of the 5% commision on each sold item).

Items up to value 10.00 EUR cost 0.10 EUR per item listed
Items of value 10.01 EUR - 20.00 EUR cost 0.20 EUR per item listed
Items of value 20.01 EUR and above cost 0.30 EUR per item listed
Listings are now running on a limited time of 120 days, starting on the day of listing.

Now I don't mind paying, we all knew it was coming, however I find that being less known than Etsy, and having much less traffic and sales, Dawanda is introducing a very steep pricing structure.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Etsy has 3.5% commision and a flat fee of $0.2 for each listed item.

Dawanda, has a 5% commision, and depending on the item listed, it can cost you up to 0.3 Euros (which is approximately $0.4 - double than the Etsy listing).

Also I think most of us were under the impression that the fees will be introduced from 'now on', not going back to mid last year. A couple of us have been just hit with a major fee that we have to pay by Feb. 23, which we didn't count on.

I guess what I've always preached but never really put into place, I will have to actually do: start my own shop under my own name and domain, so I can control exactly what I'm paying and when.

If you have a shop at Dawanda right now, what do you think of these new listing fees? You might just convice me to keep my items there for a bit longer if you have the best argument...or to open my own shop :-)

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A quick detour to another hobby of mine  

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This post is really not for everybody, but if you are at all interested in what is called Internet Marketing, I've set up a an online diary for my journey in the world of online marketing. It's a quite interesting world out there, and I'm learning lots as we speak. And many of the things I'm learning there I can apply to promoting my jewelry as well. If you're curious, head over to my Internet Marketing Blog and let me know what you think. Beware, it has nothing to do with jewelry, so if jewelry is your only passion, you might get bored there. But if you're interested in the new possibilities of earning money out there (think of stay at home moms, or people who lost their jobs or folks want to start out on their own instead of being stuck at their 9-5 jobs), it's something you can pick up very easily anytime.

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My latest read  

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I haven't posted in a while about what I've been reading, but as I've just finished my latest read, before choosing a new one (which is a HARD task, I'm telling you!), I thought to post my thoughts on it.

I've been reading a lot of paranormal romances, and I got hungry of my usual 'sick shit' type of books (so labeled in the old bookrelay forums, for those who still remember). Sick shit in our 'language' means gory, scary details, serial killers, FBI agents hunting them down, you get the idea.

So I found at the bottom of one of my many piles of books a hardcover from James Patterson, Double Cross, and decided to read it. It's the 13th in the Alex Cross series.
I found it quite a fast read and actually quite fun. Just checked now the Amazon ratings for the book, and based on the ratings, it seem like it's not one of James Patterson's best book. Not sure why it's rated so low, I really enjoyed reading it.

A while ago I took a decision to not let these user feedbacks, ratings and comments get to me before I read a book, so I stopped searching for them until after I finished the book. I found that this serves me quite well all the time, because I really enjoy books more when I'm not influenced by others. But back to the book.

Alex Cross is retired from his practice, but a series of killings, where he is personally mentioned by the killer, pulls him right back into the game. And the one who pulls him back is no other than his former FBI partner and friend, Kyle Craig, who turned out to be a vicious serial killer and was put in prison (that happened in the book Violets are blue, if you haven't read that one yet).

Without revealing anything else about the book, I will say that if you haven't read it yet, give it a chance. It's really good, and if you like the Alex Cross books, this one doesn't disappoint. Don't let the Amazon ratings turn you off from having a good read. And this point is valid not only for this book. Always make a habit of reading the book first, and google-ing or searching Amazon for the reviews after. You'll enjoy the book that much more.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let's face it, we are in the middle of recession, no matter how much we want to ignore it. And although it has started in the US, it can be felt all around the world, including in Europe.

Why do I mention this? Because we all know when the money is tight(er), the two things that go first are perfume and jewelry. Many women stop buying jewelry until the situation is better. I mean jewelry and perfumes are still considered luxury items. And they are the first to go.
And if you have been following wire wrapping lately, it has become very complex, complicated and expensive. And no doubt about it, gorgeous as well.

This is why for the next few months I will be focusing on creating very affordable, yet sweet, elegant and beautiful jewelry. Focus will be on those of us who - no matter what situation the economy is in - we do not want to deny ourselves those little secret pleasures, like eating a few dark chocolate pralines, or wearing a cute pair of earrings.

Having this in mind, I am starting the very affordable collection of simplicity and beauty.

The first in this collection is actually an interchangeable pair of earrings - i.e. you buy two pairs for the price of one! Changing the beads on the earwires is extremely easy, just slide them off and put the new on in place. Voila, you have a new pair of earrings for that other outfit.

The stones are orange agate beads and chunky amethyst briolettes on sterling silver fancy earwires.
Everything has been tumbled in my Lortone tumbler for added shine and durability.
Shipping as usual is free. Price is shown both in EUR and USD, use whichever is more appropriate for you, depending on your geo location.

17 Euros

22 USD

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Herringbone is the theme of today - SOLD!  

Sunday, January 18, 2009

As I mentioned in my previous post about herringbone weave, this is the first jewelry piece I made this year, a bracelet for a colleague at work. Green cats-eye in herringbone weave with 0.6 and 1 mm sterling silver wire.

I also made this cute pair of herringbone earrings after watching a free video on youtube, created by Cynthia. It really inspired me to try them and I will do more of these.
Beads are dark blue goldstone (so dark that they could easily pass as black in the proper light), they are really beautiful, and so dainty. If you like shorter earrings, which sit just right in your ear, these are for you :)

I will add the pair to my Dawanda shop, but you can also buy them directly from here via Paypal (with free shipping).

I had people sending me email asking me how much does xyz cost in $US, so I will display from now on both prices, in Euros and in $US. You can click on whichever button you prefer to buy it, depending on your location.

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Best 4 free herringbone weave tutorials for wire wrapping  

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How did this post come about?
I'm working on a simple herringbone weave bracelet for a colleague at work, who placed the order for sending it to her mom as a gift. So this weekend I'm working on my very first piece in 2009. I will post a picture of it as soon as it's ready and my camera is charged.

So in honour of my first piece, which is based on the herringbone technique, I went searching online for the best 5 free herringbone tutorials for wire wrapping. I got loads of question on how to make herringbone pieces whenever I showed some of my jewelry based on this technique on jewelry forums, and I know that this post will fill that void, since each of these tutorials is FREE, and one can learn to make a nice piece of jewelry based on it. Well, I found only 4 free tutorials on the net in the end, not 5, everything else was for a fee, but these 4 more than make up for the missing 5th :)

So here we go.
  1. Hands down, the best tutorial is Eni's Herringbone weave, this one is a classic already :)
  2. Irulan's herringbone tutorial takes place 3. Nice and clear pictures, easy to understand.
  3. Adelin's herringbone weave is a nice new tutorial, put up late last year - interesting weaving of a bead which usually doesn't lend itself to herringbone.
  4. Alternative herringbone tutorial by Heidi K. It is ingenious in its simplicity and you don't even really have to learn herringbone. Perfect for wrapping round beads and making a small cute pair of earrings. Gotta try this one out. If you have a free herringbone tutorial that you'd like to share, just leave a comment with a link to your tutorial, and I will add it to the list (rearranging the list if needed, depending on the tutorial quality).

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2009 sticky mental resolutions  

Monday, January 5, 2009

Now that 2008 is over, I've been musing on how I approached the year and what I want to change in 2009 to make the year even better. I've read recently an uplifting report called 'Sticky resolutions', which really stroke a chord with me. Why sticky? Because 'we can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough' (Helen Keller).

So here are 7 sticky mental resolutions to implement this year:

  1. Whenever you feel down, think of something that you can honestly be grateful for. Just take a minute of your time and appreciate the good things in your life.

  2. Take the decision. If you're thinking for a long time to do something, don't put it off any longer. Just Do it (like Nike says). You never know until you made the decision whether it was right or wrong, but if you never do it, you'll always wonder 'what if'.

  3. Make a habit to say 'thank you', don't take people for granted. Thank your waiter for bringing your meal. Thank your kids for anything trivial that they did for you, thank your taxi driver for bringing you home. Thank your postman for bringing your letter.

  4. Never assume things. Never assume that you know what the next person is thinking about you, as you don't. If you see that your friend, or your boss is in a bad mood, don't automatically assume it is about you. Most of the times, it isn't. And if it is, let it go. You can't make everyone happy, it would be foolish to even try.

  5. When you notice you have negative thoughts, change them immediately. Think of a song you like, look out the window and see the trees with the branches swinging with the wind, smile at your colleague at work, and your attitude will change.

  6. Don't worry needlessly about tomorrow. Don't try to make several negative outcomes of the upcoming job interview, meeting or presentation. You don't know in advance how it will be, so don't assume it will be bad. And never say 'it will never work out', because usually things have a way of working out for the best for you. Even if at the time it doesn't seem so.

  7. Don't worry about the last choice you made. It was the right one. How do I know that? It's because you took it, you are here. You are always on the right path for you. It took me a while to absorb this particular one, but if I leave out the 'what if's' it's quite easy actually. We are always where we are supposed to be at the time. This doesn't mean that we cannot change where we will go tomorrow. But for today, we are here, exactly where we should be.

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10% offer also good from direct blog purchase  

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thanks for the purchases from my shop, your items have been all sent out.
I have received emails whether the offer is also good for buying directly from the blog, as not everybody wants to register to Dawanda just to buy. Yes, you can buy from here as well.

So until January 11 (Sunday) you can buy 2 or more items from Dawanda, or directly here from my blog, and you get the 10% and free shipping, plus a silver cleaning propolish pad as a gift.
How does this work? Very easy:
Buy each item separately from this thread on my blog, and as I will see at Paypal your email address, I will count the total purchase and refund you 10%. As soon as the items are purchased, I will remove them from the thread right away.

After January 11, prices go back to normal, but you will still get the free shipping, and the gift cleaning pad.

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