YOJ Project - Week 18 Pantone 2013 - Copper Pendant  

Monday, April 29, 2013

For this week's theme at the Year Of Wire Jewelry Project I chose a Nicole Hanna design. I bought several of her tutorials over the last year and only now I'm slowly slowly daring to get to them. It took me a few months to get back to making jewelry again and become more confident to tackle these.

The actual tutorial calls for earrings, but I made it into a pendant. The bead is something I bought in Czech Republic several years ago. The whole piece is so tiny, about 2.5 cm without the bail.

Here are some pics I took of it this morning after taking it out from the tumbler.

It is up on my Dawanda shop ready to buy.

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YOJ Week 17 - Organically Yours  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My entry for this YOJ week - 17 is based on a tutorial by Iza Malczyk based on her popular Gemini earrings. I took the tutorial and made my own version, a mix of sterling silver and copper.

The earrings are quite tiny, about 4.5cm with the earwires. (less than 2"). Very cute and easy to wear.

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YOJ 2013 - Week 16 - Something Hidden  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Here is my entry for the week 15 at the YOJ project group for 2013. The bracelet is a mix of chain maille and soldering. All sterling silver and all rings hand cut with the jeweler's saw. The bracelet measures 18 cm (7") and the chain maille weave is called Orbital Vipera Berus. Very light bracelet and fun to wear.

I named the bracelet Oriana as it reminds me of a highschool colleague of mine from way back - back at home.

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YOJ Week 15 - Fibonacci Sequence  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Here is my piece for the YOJ week 15 project, with the theme Fibonacci sequence. Well, for this week I chose to honor Leonardo Fibonacci, who as the son of a merchant had free access to the whole Byzantine empire, so he could go to established centers around Europe to study. So this week's theme is for him.

The necklace is quite dense, it is a graduated Byzantine in sterling silver. All jump rings have been cut by hand with a jeweler's saw. The rings range from gauges 14 to 19 (1.2mm to 0.9mm) in various sizes and aspect ratios to get the graduated effect. I love this one, but boy it's expensive to create something major like this in sterling silver...it eats rings like a hungry pet!

Meaasures 18.5 inches (46 cm) including the sterling silver clasp. Simply beautiful!

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Megara Bracelet In Copper  

Monday, April 15, 2013

This chain maille bracelet was made as part of the April challenge in the Chain Maille Facebook group. The theme was a Byzantine weave/variation that was not posted for this challenge by anyone else. I found the Megara weave at the Maille Artisans site and it had a tutorial as well, all made by Corvus. A very easy to do bracelet, and it's awesome on the wrist, so lush, fluffy and light.

Made with copper and bronze rings (large rings bronze, small ones copper).

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YOJ Weeks 13 And 14 - Learning To Solder  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Here are two pieces in sterling silver as a result of my attempts to solder. For week 13 the theme was Talisman, so I made this piece as a small talisman - for me it looked like peace on earth, however somebody told me they can see a rose within the pendant.

For week 14 the theme was egg-citing, however I didn't do anything related to Easter eggs or the celebration itself. For once I was off topic and I made one of the pieces from Melissa's course. Argh why do the pictures always show the mistakes so clearly...

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