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Saturday, March 3, 2007

With all my excitement about my latest hobby, chainmail, I neglected my other hobby: reading.
So what am I reading right now?
A vampire book from the late 1980s called Vampire Nights by Timothy Moriarty.
It is a horror novel, not one of those cheesy paranormal romances (which I like btw, lol) of the last few years, where the vampires are romanticized. Here the vampires are the bad guys.

Funny trivia: one of the leading protagonists, Libby, is a jewelry maker, and several times she's wearing her own jewelry.
Quote from the book: "Around her neck she wore an amber pendant that matched her rust-stained oval sunglasses and silver chains; all the jewelry was of her own design." Yayy, I like Libby already!

For anyone interested in a list of vampire novels that have appeared from the 80's onwards, here is a pretty good list by year and short book description.

And speaking of descriptions, for some great book reviews, check out Janelle's blog, she is an Armchair reviewer. Sometimes I put new books on my wishlist based on her reviews alone!

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