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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bookmooch has become a big part of my life. It is an international book trading site, which allowed me to increase my number of books at home with at least 500 additional book. I keep nagging hubby that it's time to soon buy a house, the 135 m2 flat - for the two of us, I might add - is not enough anymore. One room is full of my books.

Having said that, I love how Bookmooch is evolving. John, the genious behind Bookmooch added a cool new feature, 'widgets', little scripts that you can play with and add to your site.
What else is there? For now, the latest book(s) that you added to your boomooch inventory, with cover or without, latest book(s) that you added to your wishlist, or that you recently aquired (traded, or mooched, how they call it on the site).

For example, my latest 10 book that I added to my wishlist, which I'm hoping to get eventually, are these:

If you are into reading books, and think about trading books with people all over the world, by letting go of your old ones and getting some new ones to read in return, check out bookmooch, and visit my page as well *wink*.

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