On synchronicity again  

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

At the recommendation of a friend, I ordered a book called Life Lessons by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.
I started reading it this afternoon and I am already halfway through it. It is a wonderful book, full of insights about life, love, death, all there is. It is not something new for me, as I have read several other great books basically telling the same things, by Wayne Dyer, Dick Sutphen, Rosemary Altea, or the wonderful Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsch, of which I actually finished the first in the series of three yesterday. If there is anyone who has not read yet Elisabeth Kubler-Ross or Neil Donald Walsch's books, I highly recommend that you pick them up. In there you will find the greatest truths about life that you already knew but you didn't know you knew them.

But why did I pick this subject for my blog entry?
Today something - I could say - funny happened at work. The secretary was away for two weeks on holiday, so all the external calls were transfered to my phone. Today she was back, but the IT guys forgot to transfer the main line back to her, so I got a phone call from a woman with a funny accent. She was sort of confused, and didn't even know whom she was calling. Had no idea how she got our company's number, but there she was. She apologized profoundly for the call and asked if I knew a Hungarian musician in Cyprus (pianist I think).
I was totally surprised of her inquiry because there she was, a Hungarian calling the last minute I was still able to pick up the main line - me a Hungarian as well.
I told her I don't know any Hungarian musician in Cyprus, but funny enough, I am Hungarian myself. Now in Cyprus Hungarians are quite rare, it's not like you walk on the street and every third person is Hungarian. Anyway we got into talking and at some point the line got cut. I thought that was it, but then after a few minutes she called again and we continued talking. Even after she understood I could not help her, she called me back to talk with me more in Hungarian. We really connected for a few minutes. This encounter make a rather dull morning at work become something special.
I was totally puzzled by this particular occurance and as I know there are no coincidences in this life, I was wondering what was its meaning. Then I shrugged it off and went about my business as usual.
This afternoon, at home, while I was reading the Life Lessons book, I came upon a particular paragraph which I will cite here below:

"There's no such thing as an insignificant or accidental relationship. Every meeting, encounter, or exchange, with everyone from a spouse to an anonymous telephone operator, no matter how brief or profound, how positive, neutral, or painful, is meaningful. And in the grand scheme of things every relationship is potentially important, for even the most trivial encounter with a passing stranger can teach us a great deal about ourselves. Every person we encounter holds the possibility of sending us to happiness, to a loving place in the mind[...]."

I'd like to hope that those few minutes on the phone brought the woman just as much joy and few careless and loving minutes as they brought me today.

When these kinds of synchronicities are happening to me or around me - and lately they have slowly but surely increased in number - I believe that I am on my right path, and God or the universe or whatever you want to call it, is telling me to go on, on this path, that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my spiritual journey and in my life.

2 comments: to “ On synchronicity again

  • beadexplorer
    June 13, 2007 at 7:17 PM  

    It is really amazing how lines in a book (or lyrics in a song) sometimes fit to your current situation or sth. you have just experienced so well!

  • la rêveuse
    June 24, 2007 at 9:51 AM  

    I really love E. Kübler-Ross...I think she should be learned at school... How she manages the fear of death, the main important thing in our life....

    I love your blog, I really will come often. Here. I had your address thanks to bachat (where I'm quite silent :o((( due to a terrible lack of time!)

    LOL ( Lots of Love). Marylo la Rêveuse

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