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Saturday, August 11, 2007

What I've been up to lately?

I made this Japanese 12 in 2 chainmail bracelet about a week ago, using bright aluminium. Took me a while but it really looks great.

Today I made these pairs of earrings, all silver with different beadies. The pair in the middle looks to me awfully like a little person with a hat :D
For the top pair I used for the first time my wig-jig to create the earwires. Not bad, still takes some practice to master the jig, but I'm getting there.

Finally my Koil Kutter arrived from Dave, yeppee! Besides the $200 (incl. shipping to Cyprus), I had to pay additional $30 for taxes, arghhh...Life before entering the European Union was so much easier for simple folks like me, no taxes to pay on any packages coming from abroad :( Now I only don't pay for packages arriving from within EU. Where of course, everything is way more expensive than buying from The States *sigh* way or another we always lose...
Anyway, the good news it, now I can finally cut my own rings (hopefully one day silver as well) for the chainmail. Have to learn first how, of course...

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