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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bookmooch has become a big part of my life. It is an international book trading site, which allowed me to increase my number of books at home with at least 500 additional book. I keep nagging hubby that it's time to soon buy a house, the 135 m2 flat - for the two of us, I might add - is not enough anymore. One room is full of my books.

Having said that, I love how Bookmooch is evolving. John, the genious behind Bookmooch added a cool new feature, 'widgets', little scripts that you can play with and add to your site.
What else is there? For now, the latest book(s) that you added to your boomooch inventory, with cover or without, latest book(s) that you added to your wishlist, or that you recently aquired (traded, or mooched, how they call it on the site).

For example, my latest 10 book that I added to my wishlist, which I'm hoping to get eventually, are these:

If you are into reading books, and think about trading books with people all over the world, by letting go of your old ones and getting some new ones to read in return, check out bookmooch, and visit my page as well *wink*.

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News from a friend...from beyond?  

Sunday, May 20, 2007

It is no big secret among my friends that I am deeply interested in spirituality, in a life beyond death, reincarnation. However, I do try to keep this part of myself to me, and not talk much about it.
Today though, while reading We are their heaven, by Allison DuBois (the medium who inspired the same name famous tv series), I realised something that really shook me up, although it happened 2-3 days ago. I just didn't pay attention to it at that time.

A couple of years ago I met online a person who would become a very dear friend of mine, maybe one of the best friends I had, ever. We wrote each other emails every day, talked about his family, I talked about mine, he was sort of a guru in Excel programming, taught me pretty much everything I new about creating VBA macros and helped me quite a lot with my work. Every morning (as he was living in the States) I was rushing to get my emails at work, knowing that i will get one from Tom. And there it was, indeed. All his emails started with 'Good morning, Sunshine'. Nobody ever called me sunshine before. Now don't get me wrong, our relationship was not only 'platonic', but there was never ever any allusion of anything else beyond being best friends.

After about 3 years of being that, he told me one September that he found out he had cancer. He was devastated, and so was I. He tried every cure, alternative thing that he could, he told me all about it, and he was so positive. Actually I don't think I met a more positive person in my life before or after. He just wouldn't give up. Nevertheless one day, early next year, his emails stopped coming. I visited his website, tried calling him, but nobody would answer. After a few months, his number got disconnected. I knew he passed away, but of course, nobody ever contacted me to tell me he died inded. How would they, nobody knew we were friends.

Since I am so interested in the paranormal, I was always asking him to talk to me, to give me a sign that he is ok, any way he could. Nothing happened.

He never left my mind, I still keep thinking of him pretty often, but not in the way of looking for a contact any longer, just with simple nostalgia of great past times and sadness that they are no longer here...

A few days ago, out of the blue, a friend sent me a message which he started with 'how are you sunshine?' I froze. All the memories came flooding back and I tried to stop the tears. I think I even told him that nobody ever called me sunshine before, except a friend who died a few years ago. But still, I didn't think much of it.
Later on in the day, somebody else in the office called me out of the blue 'hello sunshine'. I was in a hurry to a meeting though so I didn't give it much thought.

Tonight, while reading the Allison DuBois book, after my meditation, while in a calm state of mind, it hit me. Tom finally managed to come through to me, by the only way he knew how to make me understand it's him: by calling me sunshine by two people who would not normally call me so.

I now know that Tom is in peace, and happy, I guess, and I got a first personal confirmation of what I so much wanted to get: that the world beyond really exists, that death is not the end.

Is it strange that this happened so soon after my reiki 2 attunement, when my energy level has been raised a notch? I don't think so, but is good to know that, indeed, it works :-)

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"The Smoke Lives" The Bookmooch TBR Club Blog  

Saturday, May 19, 2007

As a member of, THE international book trading site, I joined a TBR (to be read) group, where we agreed to each read (at least) 2 books each month, and review these books online. For this purpose we have created a blog, where we all upload our reviews for others to read. I have already done my two reviews for May, if you want to check them out, along with a lot of reviews form some great books, visit "The Smoke Lives" The Bookmooch TBR Club Blog.

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Reiki lvl 2  

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Today I had my lvl 2 reiki attunement. Well, a re-attunement really, as my first lvl 2 attunement was back in November. It was sort of a 'rushed' session with another reiki master, not mine. Having just missed the class with my reiki master as I was abroad for work at that time, and as I really wanted to send healing energy to my mom, who was not very well, I had my attunement then. However, when I got an email a week ago from my reiki master that she is offering level 2, I jumped at the opportunity to be re-attuned, as the atmosphere in the class is great, and she is teaching us a lot of things related to reiki and energy.

They say reiki can change your life, well it definitely changed mine! Two weeks after my attunement early November I quit my job where I was employed for the last 10 years, then found another job, quit that as well within a month, and early January this year I found a third job, where I am currently employed.

I haven't thought of it like this until now, to connect all these coincidental changes with my reiki attunement, but today as we were talking in the session with the other students, I realised that it definitely shifted the energies around me. I let go of what was old and not needed anymore in my life and started searching for something new, that is closer to my purpose. Well, I'm not sure if I found THAT, but I definitely found a job that is merely 3 minutes away from home, which is an improvement over the old, I'd say, lol!

Now let's see what turmoil this re-attument will bring during the next 21 days of cleansing.

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A little chain  

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I made this bracelet in an hour this evening. I took the idea from somebody who showed a similar bracelet but one row only. I doubled it up and here is the result.

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The Golden Compass comes out as a movie!  

If you've read Philip Pullman's trilogy, then you should be thrilled as December 07 it will be out as a movie!

In the meantime it seems that I found my little demon, lol!

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Chainmail again  

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

After almost a full month of abstinence, here I am again making jewelry with rings.
This bracelet took me almost a whole day, it was not difficult, but too many small rings to pre-close and add. It is a japanese pattern, called 6 in 1.

I did spend a nice time doing it and chatting with Alex, who was standing by me in my time of Bookmooch sorrow *grins*, so I dedicate this bracelet to Alex. I will definitely remember our giggles and Machiavellian plans when I am wearing it, lol.

What else has happened since I last updated the blog?
Not much really. Last Friday was my birthday, one last year closer to 40 *sigh*. Not everybody that I expected from congratulated me, but everybody who really matter, did, so I'm quite pleased :)

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