Turkish Round - for him  

Monday, March 10, 2008

78 Euros

I've finally mastered another weave, the Turkish round. It is a beautiful weave, not difficult at all once you figure out the steps.
After all the weaves I've done, I must say this is the one that talks to me the most. Love making this pattern.
Here is a bracelet I made 'for him', as this weave is mostly suitable for men, particularly in the size presented here. 1.2mm wire in 4 mm ID. The whole bracelet is around 20-21 cm long, but it can be shortened upon request.
Over 50 gr of sterling silver, i.e. over 300 rings one by one hand-cut and woven to create this. Does it show that I'm mighty proud of it? :)

Btw, if you ever come to Cyprus, you'll find this weave under 'Cyprus round', *grins*.

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