Cutting rocks with a tile saw  

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ok so I finally tried out this too: cutting rocks with a tile saw. And it was fun. But boy so loud, I'm pretty sure the neighbours here (I'm living in a flat) were not amused.
I went today to the local Super Home Center (the local equivalent of the Home Depot for the Americans), and bought a wet tile saw, which is good for cutting rock into slabs (or smaller pieces from slabs). I set it up, filled up the tray with water and off I went. At first it took me 10 minutes to go just through 1 cm of petwood (of course afterwards I've read that petwood is a difficult one to cut anyway) after which I almost gave up. I posted a question at the EIS forum and somebody in the UK who has the same piece told me not to despair, the diamond saw needs to settle. Just to take a cheapo hard rock and try again. Also got a few pointers on how to press the rock against the blade and not downwards. And all this helped, because just in a few minutes, I managed to cut my first rock, 4cm in length and 2.5 in height. Cheapo rock it is, hard it is, and two pieces of it I have :D

I had really fun in the process, even though the machine with this water spitting like a llama, and with the loud noise put me off and scared me a bit at first.
Of course hubby is not yet at home so he is yet to hear the noise. He'll freak out, lol.
And of course, if my dad saw my newest machine, he'd be mighty proud of me, daughter just like the father :P I honestly have more tools and machinery at home than most of the male homeowners around, except those who are handworking by trade (and except my dad).
And I haven't even started cabbing yet. Wait till I buy the Hi-Tech Diamond All-U-Need and start making cabs out of the cut rock slabs...

3 comments: to “ Cutting rocks with a tile saw

  • Jean9
    June 25, 2008 at 5:42 PM  

    I love your amethyst earrings, I really like amethyst! I was excited when you commented on my page and said you were interested in getting a cabbing machine. Yes slabbing rocks is noisy and messy, I cannot imagine the water flying around without a lid on the saw! You are brave! It is a lot of fun although I have not used it in almost a year now. I have started working more with beads and silver and gold wire. But I want to start making cabs for wire wrapping soon. Thank you for stopping by my page.

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    June 12, 2009 at 6:55 AM  

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