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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I haven't posted in a while about what I've been reading, but as I've just finished my latest read, before choosing a new one (which is a HARD task, I'm telling you!), I thought to post my thoughts on it.

I've been reading a lot of paranormal romances, and I got hungry of my usual 'sick shit' type of books (so labeled in the old bookrelay forums, for those who still remember). Sick shit in our 'language' means gory, scary details, serial killers, FBI agents hunting them down, you get the idea.

So I found at the bottom of one of my many piles of books a hardcover from James Patterson, Double Cross, and decided to read it. It's the 13th in the Alex Cross series.
I found it quite a fast read and actually quite fun. Just checked now the Amazon ratings for the book, and based on the ratings, it seem like it's not one of James Patterson's best book. Not sure why it's rated so low, I really enjoyed reading it.

A while ago I took a decision to not let these user feedbacks, ratings and comments get to me before I read a book, so I stopped searching for them until after I finished the book. I found that this serves me quite well all the time, because I really enjoy books more when I'm not influenced by others. But back to the book.

Alex Cross is retired from his practice, but a series of killings, where he is personally mentioned by the killer, pulls him right back into the game. And the one who pulls him back is no other than his former FBI partner and friend, Kyle Craig, who turned out to be a vicious serial killer and was put in prison (that happened in the book Violets are blue, if you haven't read that one yet).

Without revealing anything else about the book, I will say that if you haven't read it yet, give it a chance. It's really good, and if you like the Alex Cross books, this one doesn't disappoint. Don't let the Amazon ratings turn you off from having a good read. And this point is valid not only for this book. Always make a habit of reading the book first, and google-ing or searching Amazon for the reviews after. You'll enjoy the book that much more.

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