Mihaflower - Pearl Flower Pendant  

Monday, April 5, 2010

I made this piece during the Easter holidays. It' s a practice piece based on a tutorial by Gailavira that I purchased the other day. It's my first attempt at this particular weave and while I'm not especially impressed with my work (lots of flaws that I see), I'll give myself a bit of leeway as I haven't really attempted anything serious in over a year.

However I really enjoyed doing this pendant and I'll make it again which will be much more improved. I've ordered a magnifier lamp from Ebay as my eyes are definitely not what they've used to be when it comes to fine work, so I'll be able to see those little mistakes and correct them right away before the actual piece takes form and shape.

In the meantime this is dedicated to my friend Mihaela who was here recently in Cyprus, and gave me 4 pearls, of which I used one in this piece . Hence the mihaflower :)

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