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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Being an artisan silver jewelry designer, I don't usually go out of my own comfort zone to look at anything else but wire wrapping or chain mail pieces. However this time I had to make an exception, and I think you will agree with me when you see what I have to show you below.

I'm talking about a cubic zirconia piece that I recently got in the mail, which really caught my attention earlier on. The reason why I instantly loved this piece was twofold:

First, from the pictures alone I saw that it was an exquisite piece to wear on your neck, and second, well, Taurus is my astrological sign and I have a weakness for everything that has to do with my star sign.

I got the package in the mail just the day before going off for holidays (went to Peloponnisos in Greece, will post a few holiday pictures soon), so I only opened the package for a quick peek before heading off.

Fastforward 2 weeks. I'm back and eagerly opening the package and I start pulling out the things from it.

First the beautiful box with the amazing cubic zirconia taurus pendant. Next I have an adorable tiny magnifying glass, a very useful keychain and the only thing missing was a small sample of local sweets that I could not resist taking with me when I went off on my holidays (I'm a sucker for sweets, can you blame me?)

Upon examining and trying on the Taurus pendant, I realized how truly exquisite and unique it is. It is made using a new technique of engraving 24kt gold onto semi-precious stones, such as cubic zirconia and onyx. The engraving is tiny and when you use the magnifying glass to enlarge it, you see the wonderful craftsmanship that went into seamlessly merging gold with crystal into a final piece.

So without further ado, here are the pictures I took from everything that came into the mail.

Knowing my poor skills at taking great pictures and possibly not giving this piece justice, here is a link to the Taurus zirconia pendant that I received. The one I have is made of clear crystal, but look at the other mesmerizing colors available in blue topaz, opalite and light amethyst as well.

I had a tough time deciding between clear crystal and amethyst, but finally I went with crystal, figuring that this is the color that matches pretty much every top or dress that I will wear no matter the occasion.

Oh btw, don't forget to check out their Facebook fanpage and Twitter page and sign up to their newsletter which will keep you updated with any new collection that they bring out. It's worth keeping an eye on their new stuff.

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