YOJ Week 15 - Fibonacci Sequence  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Here is my piece for the YOJ week 15 project, with the theme Fibonacci sequence. Well, for this week I chose to honor Leonardo Fibonacci, who as the son of a merchant had free access to the whole Byzantine empire, so he could go to established centers around Europe to study. So this week's theme is for him.

The necklace is quite dense, it is a graduated Byzantine in sterling silver. All jump rings have been cut by hand with a jeweler's saw. The rings range from gauges 14 to 19 (1.2mm to 0.9mm) in various sizes and aspect ratios to get the graduated effect. I love this one, but boy it's expensive to create something major like this in sterling silver...it eats rings like a hungry pet!

Meaasures 18.5 inches (46 cm) including the sterling silver clasp. Simply beautiful!

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