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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ok, after another half a dozen trials, I made another bead which is slightly better than the one posted before. (haven't filed the ends, because I will re-wrap the bead with new wire, for practice, so don't look closely there!).
This is after I changed a little bit from the exact instructions given in the DVD.
One thing I learned here is that even the best instructions might not need followed completely to the letter, as what works for one, might not work as well for another.
The DVD shows how to wrap with the chain nose pliers, but after a lot of failed trials, when I decided to wrap with my fingers, as I've also seen in some online tutorials done, the wraps came much closer to each other, much neater. The reason is that the thin wire I am using is much easier malleable with the fingers which have access to the exact spot you need, than a tool that you hold at the end of the wire somewhere.
So now I know that I will follow the DVD as guidance, but not as wrapping-bible, and will try to find my own style in the process.
One thing I've noticed in the DVD that I found funny: for the first wrap, she puts the wire at the very end of the round nose pliers, but for the second wrap, she puts it in the middle of the pliers. Small thing, but once I noticed it, I always wince whenever I see that. The two loops are not the same if they are not placed in the same place both times.

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