Wirework - back to basics  

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I tried wirework a few months back and I gave up. Simply couldn't do it. Then tried chainmail, that went well, but I ran out of rings, so I had to order some more from The Ring Lord in Canada. So in the meantime I went back to beading, my comfort zone, which my previous posts show *grins*.

I now decided that I will conquer my wirework 'block' and learn it. So I went back to basics. I ordered a while ago a great DVD called Tribal Treasures by Sharilyn Miller, and yesterday I started watching it and practicing. After I got the hang of doing 'egyptian coils' (that's how I call them anyway), I tried to do wrapped eye loops. And gave up, I couldn't even finish the process.
Today I started again. And, as horrible as they are, at least I managed to do a few from start to finish following the DVD instructions. Although I still have a long way ahead of me, I do see a difference between the first and the last in the picture. So I guess there is hope for me, afterwall :) Of course, I need to practice, practice, practice...
Btw, I highly recommend this DVD to any aspiring wire jeweller!

If any wireworker has some good ideas, tips for me, I welcome them :)

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