Aventurine pendant - SOLD  

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A colleague at work wanted for a friend's birthday a similar necklace - pendant to the one shown in my previous post, however as she is a read-head, she wanted something in stronger colors. So I made this pendant with yellow aventurine and silver and attached it to a bought silver chain. She liked it and next week it's going to her packed in a box. She also wants another one for herself, but in really strong colors, so this weekend I have to go shopping! Next Monday is a public holiday in Cyprus, so I can get creative and do stuff!

I'm so happy, I've just sold my second piece of jewelry :) At a low, startup price, but she will get me more customers from a club she is in, so I promised her better prices. For me it's worth getting my name and silver jewelry out there as fast as possible.
Maybe my dream of quitting working in the corporate world and working for myself in jewelry design is getting closer to becoming a reality?

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