On spirituality again  

Friday, September 7, 2007

I haven't written on spirituality for quite a while now. Making jewelry took all my energy away from anything else but making jewelry. I even stopped meditating for months now. I think this is why I craved reading about 'paranormal reality' again.

About a week ago I read a book called Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse, an army officer, and his story on how he took part in a remote viewing program and lived to tell about it.
The book reads fast and the story is very interesting, so I got intrigued by remote viewing.
Usually when people talk about paranormal (and who knows me, knows I don't shy talking about it), they are shot down fast as it's all bla bla, silly things, not explainable and not true. Not real, anyway. However remote viewing is real, is scientifically proven, heck the US and Russian governments used it as well, how more real than that can it get?
Basically remote viewing is about being able to view or access information about objects, places, people, feelings while originally not knowing anything about the target. You will get only some numbers (either by a second person, or can be computer generated), and blindly you try to get as much info as you can. Once you finished writing down (or drawing) your impressions, you find out what the target was. This is different from 'regular' psychic work, as there you know in advance what you want to get info on. This way though, you are working completely blindly. No bias (prior knowledge, impressions, thoughts, etc) about the target gets in the way at all. You have no clue what you're trying to describe: is it a building, is it a ship on the sea, is it a person, is it the Eiffel Tower?

I never realised that there is so much material about it on the internet, for free. Even manuals, and downloadable audio tutorials.
I tried my hands at a quick intro exercise at DoJo PSI, and the results were quite interesting. Must be beginner's luck though, as the next attempt was a total failure. And the third one was quite interesting again. Although the drawing I made of the target was totally off, the description words I wrote down (cold, green plain, cave entrance, constricted feeling, ceiling, dark) were a good match for what I then saw on the picture: the entrance to the underground (metro). Nice green grass and a tree and in the middle, and then the metro entrance, which was indeed looking like the entrance to a cave! Dark, narrow, low ceiling. Got shivers over this one!

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