DaWanda Colour Competition - Vote and Win!  

Thursday, November 1, 2007

12 DaWanda sellers (I am also one of them) organised a friendly competition - trying to come up with the most attractive pinboard on a given theme.
This month: Red and Green.
We are actually so friendly that anyone voting on this may win the prize of their choice, picked among creations by three of these oh-so-friendly and creative sellers.
In order to vote, look up our pinboards, entitled Farben von DaWanda / Colours of DaWanda / Morceaux Choisis, and leave a message here, under this post, stating which pinboard you give your vote to and which prize you would like to get.
Voting stops on November 22nd.
Favourite pinboard and winning voter to be proclaimed on November 25th.The Pinboards to vote on:
Birdlandcreations - http://en.dawanda.com/list/Birdlandcreations/8463-Colours-of-Dawanda
Chicoumi - http://fr.dawanda.com/list/chicoumi/8635-mOrceauX-ChOiSis
ContasKoeln - http://de.dawanda.com/list/ContasKoeln/8476-Die-Farben-von-DaWanda-
Glamasaurus - http://en.dawanda.com/list/glamasaurus/8480-Colors-of-Dawanda
Glassprimitif - http://en.dawanda.com/list/Glassprimitif/8509-Colours-of-Dawanda
Le Bar du Vent - http://fr.dawanda.com/list/meherio68/8472-Morceaux-Choisis
Lunaitalia - http://fr.dawanda.com/list/lunaitaliana/8553-morceaux-choisis
Maginette - http://fr.dawanda.com/list/maginette/8503-morceaux-choisis
MarikaJewelry - http://en.dawanda.com/list/MarikaJewelry/8477-Colors-of-Dawanda-com
Paranoire - http://de.dawanda.com/list/ParaNoire/8500-Colors-of-Dawanda

Tarzanne - http://fr.dawanda.com/list/Tarzanne/8516-MORCEAUX-CHOISIS-COLOURS-O

And the prizes to chose from:

So if you are a Dawandian (hm, new name Dawandian...), come and vote! My earrings are one of the three prizes to chose from!

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