Weekend - hopefully a closure  

Sunday, November 4, 2007

In a way I'm glad this week is over. I haven't been able to bring some project - any project to a satisfactory end, be that related to jewelry or other things. I've sold on Ebay a huge bunch of Pergamano books (since I no longer am interested in making parchment cards, and these books are very sought after all around) to somebody who already bought from me over GBP 50 the week before. Now the total amount was GBP 250 (yeah, weight was about 6 kg), and for a week now I'm waiting for the money to come in. Contacted her several times with no luck. I'm wondering what's going on - is it my email, is it hers, is it the connection between the two? I will file tomorrow a nonpaying 'complaint', so maybe the automatic email from Ebay will go through...I almost believe my email has some problems because of...see below...grrr
About 3-4 days ago I bought a rather expensive jewelry tutorial, for which there is an 'instant' download that comes through an email. The email never came since. I contacted the seller through different means, no luck. Strange, as I've already bought from her before tutorials, and there were never problems - until now. Is my email really working? LOL!

Today I ripped apart 2 projects I was working one (or finished already) as I didn't like them - and they're still in the tray, waiting for this or that - one project for some heavier gauge soft flex wire as the iolite beads cut through the wire, and the other project waiting for comments from a possible buyer who showed interest in it if I ever re-did the necklace.
A third project - a pendant for an ex-coworker of mine, would be ready, except for having to buy from somewhere black leather cord. Having no car, I can't really move around, so this project also have to wait. Oh and of course, no car. Still. After almost a month, grrr.

So giving up on anything getting really sorted out right now, I decided to just 'play' with wire, learn new techniques, not trying to finish up anything.
I was curious about wire sculpture and although I don't have square wire, I tried my hands at it with round wire. Interesting idea, I will have to work at it, to shape the wire nicer around the bead as right now it looks quite funny.
And something that I finally like!, a pair of hoop earrings. So far I love them! For the next pair I'll have to shape the wire better, to be nice round, but otherwise they're a hoot! Based on a tutorial from Beading times.

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