Dawanda is finally introducing listing and sold items fees  

Monday, February 9, 2009

I've just received today a pre-invoice from Dawanda. This is two fold:
1. We are to pay for all sold items starting from June 08 a 5% fee
3. Dawanda is introducing new listing fees (it was free until now), which is depending on the price of the item.

This is the new scheme for the listing fees (separately of the 5% commision on each sold item).

Items up to value 10.00 EUR cost 0.10 EUR per item listed
Items of value 10.01 EUR - 20.00 EUR cost 0.20 EUR per item listed
Items of value 20.01 EUR and above cost 0.30 EUR per item listed
Listings are now running on a limited time of 120 days, starting on the day of listing.

Now I don't mind paying, we all knew it was coming, however I find that being less known than Etsy, and having much less traffic and sales, Dawanda is introducing a very steep pricing structure.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Etsy has 3.5% commision and a flat fee of $0.2 for each listed item.

Dawanda, has a 5% commision, and depending on the item listed, it can cost you up to 0.3 Euros (which is approximately $0.4 - double than the Etsy listing).

Also I think most of us were under the impression that the fees will be introduced from 'now on', not going back to mid last year. A couple of us have been just hit with a major fee that we have to pay by Feb. 23, which we didn't count on.

I guess what I've always preached but never really put into place, I will have to actually do: start my own shop under my own name and domain, so I can control exactly what I'm paying and when.

If you have a shop at Dawanda right now, what do you think of these new listing fees? You might just convice me to keep my items there for a bit longer if you have the best argument...or to open my own shop :-)

4 comments: to “ Dawanda is finally introducing listing and sold items fees

  • Gypsy Rose Creations
    February 11, 2009 at 11:03 AM  

    ive tagged you on my blog. See it here:

  • Anonymous
    February 12, 2009 at 5:08 PM  

    I really wish I could convince you to keep your shop going, but, at this point (especially reading the thread in etsy forum about the fees charged retroactively) I have no better argument, or any argument to being with.

    I am monitoring the situation myself, it may not worth my time at all, because not only that the commission is steep, when the listing fees come full force, the profit margin for handmade crafters would be too skim. In addition, the paypal fees charged to sellers for Euro (conversion to your default currency) is much higher too.

    You may really want to consider setting up your own cart on your own domain, I have mine set up already, and it's definitely fetching more sales than my dawanda shop. Etsy is still fantastic for me too.

    Fingers crossed, will keep reading up on the forum threads in Dawanda and Etsy for updates.

    Sorry for the long comment. =P

  • Marika
    February 12, 2009 at 11:51 PM  

    I haven't been on the Etsy forums in a while, I guess it's time to check them out, particularly during these 'turbulent' times, there are a lot of Etsians at Dawanda as well.
    Don't worry about long comments, I love reading them :)

  • Anonymous
    March 24, 2009 at 8:28 AM  

    Let’s pretend for a moment that the fee’s are acceptable… but to go back to LAST YEAR??!! That isn’t part of the agreement you “signed” when you began with Dawanda! Is that legal? Wait, there’s probably a disclosure “we reserve the right to do what ever the hell we want, when we want and to whom we want.” Blah blah blah Regardless, it’s WRONG.

    IMO, flee out of protest. I’ve seen many shops on etsy who have websites and basically use etsy to show their wares and draw customers to the website. You can’t be obvious about it, but it can certainly be done.

    Lots of luck, which ever way you choose! :o(


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