Copper Wire Haul From The Scrap Yard  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Woohoo looksie what I got from the local scrap yard - 6 kg (13 lb) of copper wire of different gauges, from very thin to up to  1.5 mm I think. I had to check online whether there is a scrap yard here in Nicosia, and sure thing there is. So I dragged hubby with me (he knows the places better) and when I got there the guy asked me how much I want - tons?  LOL

So I told him just some wire for myself for 'crafts'. And he showed me a container full of copper wire. I was in wire heaven! I wanted to move to that container for a second!

Sadly they didn't have copper sheet or bronze wire, which I also wanted, so those will still be ordered online from abroad, but at least what copper wire is concerned, even with this haul I have enough for several months. Now just to take the caliper and figure out what gauge wires I've accumulated! Wohoo!

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