YOJ Week 7 - Off The Cuff  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The project for the 7th week in the Year of Wire Jewelry 2013 is called Off the Cuff. Now I'm not good with cuffs and bangles at all, and I've made quite a few chain maille bracelets so far, so I've decided my theme for the week to be 'off the cuff and on the neck' - a necklace.

Earlier this week I made my first JPL necklace (Jens Pind Linkage chain maille weave), and I've been thinking for a few days what pendant to make for it. Finally I've decided that a simple wire wrapped pendant with a few chain maille elements should mattch quite well with it.  The necklace is made of a mixture of bronze and copper wire - bronze for the chain maille part and the pendant frame and copper for the wrapping part.

What do you think, do they go together?

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