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Friday, March 8, 2013

The more things I'm learning on making jewelry, the more tools I need. Wire wrapping, chain maille, and now metalsmithing too (albeit only a beginner at it), these all need high quality tools to not only save time, but also make great quality jewelry - working only with the hands goes only so far... And with the limited amount of extra money most of us have, it's quite challenging to fulfill our wishes all the time. So I've started to add most coveted jewelry tools to a wishlist that I will keep in this post, transferring them from the notepad I was keeping them in. As I manage to *gulp* buy a new tool, will cross it off the list.

If you do have any of these tools, let me know in the comments section if they're worth getting, or better to go for something else instead. Also I'm curious what are some of the tools that you want to get and are on your wishlist?

So here goes my list.

  • A new jeweler's saw - bought (although I secretly dream about a Knew Concept Saw)
  • V-Slot Bench Pin and Clamp - bought through Ebay, just came in the mail
  • A Foredom Flex Shaft
  • A nice big anvil (like this one)
  • And speaking of Fretz tools, a couple of cool texture hammers for metal forming and shaping wouldn't hurt either
  • Tronex cutters and pliers
  • A leather sandbag (shown here)
  • A Pepe (or Swanstrom) disk cutter
  • A dapping tool
  • The new Pepe Jumpringer (supposed to be available soonish) for chain maille
  • Alternatively the Ringinator would be a great choice (actually my first choice before I saw the new Jumpringer pictures on Facebook)
  • A larger bench block than my small square that I currently have
  • Chasing tools (like these ones)

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