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Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm a tool junkie and I admit it. Is there an AA style group for it? The more I learn, the more tools I need, afterll how can I make those cool designs without it? (at least that's my reasoning behind it).

So here are my latest tools, all came yesterday through the post (shown from left to right).

I got a round sandbag, because hammering around here is quite tricky with me living in a flat. I hope I can dampen a bit of the sounds and also make it easier on my table. I was using a thicker cloth and a mouse pad, but I think it was still not enough.

Next I got the heavy Euro Power Punch which can punch out various size rounds from a sheet of copper or sterling silver. It's heavy, just like the sandbag (the shipping cost me quite a lot as well, as it was sent via UPS due to the weight). I can't wait to start using this tool, I have so many ideas already!

Then I got myself a texture hammer with two different texturing styles (dimples and narrow lines) - you can see it here. Having recently bought a huge copper sheet of 0.7mm, I can't wait to start hammering on it and making some fun textures.

Finally I got the smaller Euro Punch plier which makes one type of hole only, of 1.8mm. Perfect for adding a jump ring to a pendant through the hole. It's this one that I got, with the round hole. There are 2 more styles (with square and oval holes) which are on my wishlist, will get them eventually. For now I really needed this as I was struggling to drill a hole with a Dremel, I just couldn't keep the tool steady for it. I guess I do need a flex shaft, or I don't know how to use the drilling part of the Dremel (or I don't have the right drill bits), but anyway, I've already tried this small tool and it's perfect for my needs. It also comes with a replaceable tip, which is a great thought by the developers.

Can't wait this weekend to start using my new fun metalsmithing tools!

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