My new best friend, the file  

Thursday, October 4, 2007

It seems that the more and more I'm working with wire, the more sensitive I become to each flaw, things that I might not have noticed earlier.
I started with a pair of earrings today (similar to a previous one that I sold on Dawanda), and upon finishing them off, I noticed the little wire ends sharp against my fingers. So I took out a file and started filing away the wire edges until they became nice and blunt. Then I had some more free time and decided to also make a matching bracelet. And of course I took out my new best friend and started filing away at every wire end (i..e both ends of each bead). Took me a while, but now I don't feel any sharp edges anywhere on the earrings or bracelet.

I'm wondering what else will I be able to notice later on when I will become better at jewelry making, that I have no idea about just now that I could improve upon...

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