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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mary, a good friend of mine from is regularly organizing for me mbags of books from people who do not ship their books outside of the US. Each time as a thank you, I let Mary select some books from my Bookmooch inventory and send them to her for free. This time Mary wanted a bracelet in spiral pattern, so here it is. Hope you like it :) I chose this big clasp as it's nice enough that it can be worn as the focal piece instead of just being a clasp at the back of the wrist.
Bronze and copper tarnishes and quite fast, so you will need to clean it regularly.

On another note, since this month, Cyprus is 'almost' a full member of Paypal, which means sellers from Cyprus can now also receive payments with Paypal, yayy! I've already tried it out and it works perfectly :)

And now on a sort of sad note, I had a rather major car crash two days ago - thank God both me and the other driver are ok, no injuries, besides my psychological trauma due to this being my first car accident ever - so right now I don't have a car to move around in Nicosia *sniff*. At least my current workplace is only 10 minutes away walking, but if I wanted to go any further, it's quite difficult, as the only means of transportation in Cyprus are cars (no wonders the taxi drivers earn so much *grins*). So now I have to wait until either my car will be repaired or the insurance decides that it's best I buy a new car as this one's totalled...

1 comments: to “ Some updates from me

  • beadexplorer
    October 18, 2007 at 3:06 PM  

    Oh no! I am sorry to read about the accident!!! But I am very happy that you are ok.
    The spiral bracelet is so cool. I first thought that it was made of beads when I only looked at the small picture.

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