The need to grow  

Sunday, October 28, 2007

As I've become rather proficient in doing basic wraped pendants and typical earrings, I feel I need to do something else, something more. I need to learn more. Else I'll be always your neighbour 25 Euros pendant gal, lol. And that will definitely not help my dream of becoming a jewelry designer. And famous at that! (a bit of tongue in cheek here with a degree of seriousness attached to it).
So I've decided to tackle something more difficult, something I've never tried before. I have two tutorials on netting (and I don't mean here beading netting, which I love so much and know so well), one from Eni Oken and one from Delia, second which I purchased just days ago and I wanted to give them a try. Combining techniques from both tutorials, I've started on my journey of learning something completely new to me.
Here are my first (ok my second and third, as the first was not something anyone would want to see) two attempts with a gorgeous rhodonite stone and some 0.5 mm coated copper wire. Rather unsuccessful first attempts I might say, but I actually found myself enjoying the process.
One of my main problems here was how to add the bail. The bead holes are at the top side and Delia's tutorial doesn't solve it. When I tried her way, the stone fell out of the netting straight away. Eni's solution is gorgeous, but I wanted to focus on the netting rather than coiling around the stone. So it took me a few tried until I found a sort of solution, which I need to work on more, so it is stable, secure and nice looking too.

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