Hungry for psychical when physical not well  

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's been already a week since I last poster here. I got the flu so I've been sort of out of synchr during this time. I didn't have any mood to make jewelry, but instead I read 3 books on spirituality. I tried a couple of novels, but nothing grabbed me, so I read instead:

Reaching for the other side by Dawn Hill - this book touched on the author's psychic development, some of her stories, and storied told by others. She even has some exercises scattered here and there that one can follow, if interested in opening up (more) to psychic abilities.

You have been here before by Dr. Edith Fiore - this is a book about past lives and their recall under hypnosis. Typical stories that one reads related to past life regressions. Liked it a lot and only strengthened my belief in reincarnation.

The death are alive by Harold Sherman - this one was quite interesting. It discussed pretty much everything about spirituality, psychic abilities and making contact with the 'other side'. It even touched on EVP (electronic voice phenomena) - remember White Noise the movie?

I guess in the hectic of life lately (stress from work, busy with jewelry, etc) I didn't have time to slow down and just touch on my soul. Heck, I even stopped meditating.
Sometimes the universe has its way of reminding you of what's more important, to put the priorities straight in life. Just stop, and smell the flowers, that's already enough at times.

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