On human behaviour and perceptions  

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So I wake up this morning full of energy knowing that I'm still at home, on holidays, and will be able to practice wire wrapping, and just feeling great in general. Before anything else, hop over to the computer to see what emails I got from friends (if any), and I see a new comment on my blog. Usually these comments are either from fellow jewelry making or book lover friends, or simply from people stumbling upon my blog. Big was my disappointing surprise to discover a comment on my Merry Christmas post, with no heads or tails, not Christmas wishes or any traces of human kindness, which simply pointed out that I - according to him - made a grave mistake with regards to my current location. I know the Cypriot issue is a big issue around these parts (the Northern side is still occupied by the Turks, etc, etc), but I started thinking of why this particular post got me down right first thing in the morning, effectively destroying my good mood for the day. I realized that it was not the actual comment, regarding the political issue, but the way it was put. First of all, it was written on my Merry Christmas post, which I found a bit rude - why? because it defied the basic human kindness. No Merry Christmas in return, no 'Hello, hey you have a great blog there, or nice jewelry, but btw, could you please change the reference to xyz...'etc etc.
Then upon further contemplating on the issue, while my coffee was getting ready, I figured, if I let such a post get me down, it's bad, as the person achieved exactly what he wanted - making my day miserable, probably based on his own day. Pitty but true that there are some people who nit-pick on everything, who criticize without the basic courtesy offered to their fellow human, even these times of joy and laughter, when we should all be united in the Christmas spirit.
And now off to have my breakfast, drink my hot coffee and simply enjoy my holiday :)
Merry Christmas everyone!

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