I did it!  

Friday, December 28, 2007

Finally, after at least 6 months, I cut my own jumprings with a jeweller's saw. Here is the very first batch I did, which I ended up not using much, as the didn't come out the best. Nevertheless here they are for historical purposes *grins*.

Today I cut again with the correct size blades (2.0) and made this double-spiral bracelet as well. I can now safely say this bracelet is 100% handmade, lol.
Wire 1mm with 5mm mandrel, which means an AR of 5. Seems just perfect for this weave.
Up until now I couldn't get the AR for the life of me. I was reading on various websites, forums on how to calculate, without success. Now that I cut my own jumprings, I'm shaking my head in wonder as how easy it is to figure it out. Just divide the inside diameter (the inside of the 'donut' if you want) by the wire thickness. Dohh...

And with the remaining rings a small pair of mobius earrings...

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