Bad experience with so-called "Stainless" steel shot  

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ok so right now I'm pissed off!
I bought a few weeks ago stainless steel shot from a UK company to go with my tumbler and after tumble polishing my silver jewelry, I did as mentioned on the website, i.e. washed the shot with water to get rid of the dishwashing liquid, and then spread it out on paper towels to dry nicely. To my horror the next morning most of the shot pieces were rusted!! I didn't know what to do, maybe I did something wrong, however the always knowledgeable folks and friends over at the Starving Artists forum told me that I did nothing wrong, but the 'stainless' is actually not stainless, but I got myself the cheaper sort, 'carbon', which rusts very easily. This one needs some special packaging and taking care of to not rust, while the stainless steel should NOT rust at all.

I've been just contacted by the company in question after sending my second email to them, and I've been told that they will send me a second pack stainless free. Apparently they were not aware either that the supplier in India included also carbon steel with the stainless steel shot, which they have rectified now. I will keep you updated on the progress on this one!

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