My Dawanda vs my Esy shop - jewelry vs supplies and books  

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I've been playing with the idea for a while now, and I think I will implement it afteral. I've noticed that on my Etsy shop mostly my beading and jewelry supplies are bought, while on Dawanda, the jewelry flies off 'the shelves' so to speak. So I will split my shops into a jewelry supplies on Etsy and handmade finished pieces on Dawanda.

I received a lot of brand new (not only new as in not used, but also new as in brand new on the market) Russian beading books. I will start listing them on Etsy. For all the beaders out there, you know how sought after are the Russian books :) Well, now is your chance to grab some. I am combining shipping on multiple books.
I have created a new section in my Etsy shop, Craft books, keep checking it, as I am adding books quite often until I sold off all the batch I received in February directly from Russia. I might then order more if I see that they are really wanted :)

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