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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It was nice while it lasted, but it's over. We came back from Vienna this morning at 5 am.
Although I've passed several times through the city years ago when I was travelling between Germany and Hungary, I've only once before went to Vienna to stay, it was a 2 days trip for work, and I don't remember much of being there. So it was like Vienna, the first time for me.
We had a great time with hubby, walked a lot, had both pain in our legs, back, just like some two old people, we really put a lot of miles in our legs these days. But it was worth it, as we saw some of the city, which is really beautiful.
If I really have to choose one place that I liked most (although it is difficult), it's got to be Stephan's Dom. That cathedral is just amazing in its architecture.
On Saturday we met with my parents as well and we took them to the dom, and they were equally impressed.
I will post pictures of it as soon as the film is developed (yeah yeah I am still going around with the old style cameras *grins*).

Another worth mentioning occasion was meeting Amber, my online friend from long time ago with whom we share a strong love for books, particularly paranormal romances. We first met at bookcrossing, then at bookrelay, and now at bookobsessed and bookmooch. And now we finally met 'in real' too.
I will also post a picture that somebody took with my camera, but in the meantime, here is a picture that Amber also posted on her blog, and I dared steal it to show it here as well.
We're in an Irish pub called Flanagan's, and behind us are the bookcrossing books that are taken and left there by readers. Quite a cool place.
On Amber's neck there is a necklace that she purchased from me, but you can't see the pendant from the blouse :)

For our meeting, she gave me a bunch of paranormal books that were on my wishlisht (yay!!), and I brought her a pair of *what else * amber silver earrings. I only had 4 of these silver hexagons, so with two going in the earrings for Amber, this last pair available in my shop or here on my blog becomes truly unique.
One is in Vienna, and where will the other pair end up?

1 comments: to “ Back from holidays

  • Amberkatze
    May 1, 2008 at 11:46 PM  

    I still hate looking at photos of myself ;)

    It was so great to meet you and I hope we will meet again some time!

    Thank you so much for the earrings! I don't have any 'Amber' earrings so they were perfect!

    Now I just have to find an occasion to wear them...

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