Design first and do later  

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I had a long chat today with Corra (my friend from Malaysia who is famous for her Pipa style wrapping) and she keeps pushing in my head the idea of first designing, thinking, practicing and then actually doing.
With that in mind, even though I didn't follow all the steps that she advised (hey, one at a time! lol!), as I had a flash of an idea for a pendant, I sketched it briefly and gave it some thought.

And the result is this. Lots to improve, but I'm getting the hang of the vines and wrapping briolettes, which usually give me major headaches! And of course the result is not identical with the sketch, as some ideas kept coming while I was working on the piece which made me slightly alter the original.
I'll keep practicing Corra's way, and I think it's gonna work!

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