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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Not feeling like making any jewelry today, I feel sort of burned out. Guess the fact that I was a bit sick yesterday, plus some bad news we had at work, they just threw me off balance.

So instead I've decided to review my latest read.
I've posted a full review at the Bookmooch TBR Bookclub. You can also get the book from Bookmooch, my copy is also added to my inventory.

I like reading Carla Neggers' novels when I don't want to read anything heavy that needs special attention of my brain cells, when I'm in a 'take it easy' mood and just relax.

The novel is typical of this author, romance + suspense combined in an easy writing style. A quick read.

Now off to read something different, about a psychic detective, should be interesting. Might post the review later on as well.

Update on the 'different' read mentioned above. I have read and reviewed it on my other blog since the nature of the story is 'different' as well :). You can read the book review, if interested, here.

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