I'm in love...name's Rocks :D  

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I got a serious addiction here. Thank the gods I'm not alone with it and I can always join the rock tumblers anonymous group!

Can't wait every day to come home from work to check up on the tumbling rocks. Yesterday celebrating 7 days since I started tumbling, I took them out to take pictures (and fondled them as well *rolleyes*). I was a bit sad because my grit still hasn't arrived from the US, and it's about time to recharge the coarse grit. However, today the lightbulb suddenly went on! I remembered that with both my previous tumblers I got a pack of some rocks and a pack of each type of grits! And yeah, after some heavy searching in my overcrowded room with jewelry thingies, books and now...rocks...second pack of grits found!

Which means, take out all the stones again, wash them (and fondle them!), wash out a bit the barrels at this stage (no need to wash too deeply as the same type of grit goes in anyway), then put back the rocks, one by one, looking at them longingly (hey, I did say I was in love :p), putting the grit (thank gods was enough for both barrels), fill it up with water, and due to the erosion of the rocks, there was place to put two new ones in each barrel. I was happy-dancing like a kid. Am I crazy? Hubby says 'yeah but it's harmless'. Well, such hubby to have everyone!
And now the two barrels are happily tumbling with fresh charge for another week until *hopefully* I can take out some rounded rocks to put aside for stage 2.
I'm crazily in love...in love...love..

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