Victorian earrings variant and Green Agate Pendant  

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

After I've had these earrings one full day on, by the end of the day they were pulling quite a lot on my ears. So I've decided to improve on the design by making them slinkier and lighter. The idea is to use the two outer wires for decoration only rather than full part of the earrings. It does make a difference in feel and in appearance as well. I'm thinking of oxidizing these, but I'm not sure. Any comments on pro or contra ?

Also during the weekend I made this green agate pendant. I had two identical stones, the first I've used in a pendant about a month ago when I started border wrapping with silver. And here is the new one. I quite like this one. The stone is so shiny if I look better I can see myself in my pajamas behind the tripod :p
Now that's the shine I want to get out of my stones once I'll start tumbling them.
You can buy this pendant on a silver chain right from the blog!
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28 Euros

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